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27022[ksurf] Re: ARC 840?

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  • lee@anabatic.co.nz
    Mar 1, 2001
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      My ARC1120 operates in the same wind range as your 11naish.
      No surprise there really.

      The kite sizes to wind range are based on a Kite surfer weight of
      75kg. I weigh 85 kg and so use a kite one size larger than the
      recommended for each wind range.
      (Kite) (size) = (size projected) (Wind range)
      ARC 1120 = 8.0 (Arc 9-18 knots)
      ARC 840 = 6.0 (Arc 12-23 knots)
      ARC 630 = 4.5 (Arc 16-27 knots)
      ARC 460 = 3.3 (Arc 20-35 knots)

      It is almost possible to skip a size of kite to cover the full wind
      range with the least amount of kites. This depends however on you
      local conditions being reasonably predictable and not likely to leave
      you stranded with a small kite in light winds.

      These and other details are available from my Kite surf business web
      site at http://www.anabatic.co.nz (New Zealand)
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