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257147m AR 3.5 vs 9.5 AR 5 kite size

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  • tvn1@aol.com
    Jan 31, 2001
      I am 165 lbs and still learning to go upwind. I have a 13.5m AR 5 inflatable
      and a 7m ar 3.5 inflatable and ride a 7' directional. I am considering
      buying a year 2000 9.5 ar 5 brand new at a good price, I am wondering if it
      will overlap the 7m ar 3.5 enough to replace it for the windier days around
      here ~15-20 knots? As it is now I have a fairly good sized gap in kite size.
      Or will the 7m start being good when the 9.5 is maxing out? I'd rather just
      own the 2 kites.
      Vince, in Seattle

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