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23853Re: confusion about kite sizes for 2001/Wipika You Stink!

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  • Jeff Quick
    Dec 31 11:15 PM
      Yes, I couldnt agree more!


      --- In kitesurf@egroups.com, KiteBoard@a... wrote:
      > In a message dated 12/31/00 2:09:26 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      > jquick1@h... writes:
      > << On the subject of a different way of measuring projected area, >>
      > If the different companies are using different ways of measuring
      > area it will only add to the confusion. Personally I think there is
      only one
      > correct projected area: area of the shadow formed on a wall which is
      > perpendicular to the kitelines, with a distant light source shining
      > to the lines. This is rather hard to do in practice, but I'd think
      > design computers could easily produce accurate numbers.
      > << The new monster sized kites should be out early 2001, and this
      > delimma will finally be understood. >>
      > Hopefully, but it may still take a while for group members to test
      them &
      > report back accurate comparison results.
      > The problem with simply multiplying the "total area" spec. by a
      constant is
      > that it seems the "total area" measurement isn't really accurate
      either, & is
      > therefore different for each brand.
      > AND carl@t... (Carl) writes:
      > << All wipika 2001 kites are now sold in Projected area... >>
      > That would be fine, if true, but Jeff mentioned: "the 11.8 is in no
      way 11.8
      > square meters projected area when using the older Naish standard."
      > I'm not saying Naish's projected area is right, but it seems they
      aren't BOTH
      > right.
      > << ...not total sail area
      > like Naish.
      > It is about time some done this as it was a bit of a con. >>
      > According to Don Montague of Naish, the "total area" marked on the
      kite is
      > NOT the total area of the kite. The kite is actually much larger, &
      > "size" number is arbitrary (which isn't helping much!).
      > I think the BEST thing would be to label the kites by their true
      > areas (computer measured). It's still not perfect, since some kites
      > more or less power/range per projected area (just like sailboard
      sails), but
      > I think it would help alleviate most of the current confusion. I'm
      > disappointed that Peter Lynn reverted from his trendsetting
      projected area
      > ARC sizing to total area (if it really is total area, not "sailboard
      > equivalent" like Naish/Wipika).
      > Mel
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