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2295[ksurf] Re: technique for going DOWNWIND...

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  • Dave Culp
    May 7, 1999
      >best choice would be an overpowered cquad - which pulls downwind like a
      >truck ! but its not straight downwind so any kite that is fast is probably
      >the way to go -

      The fastest route downwind is *never* straight downwind. It is a very
      broad reach, likely with the kite making figure-8 sweeps to keep it as
      powered up as possible. Talk to Cory Roeseler, who has several times
      completed the 20-mile Gorge Blowout in under an hour.

      On land, it is possible to sail *almost* dead downwind at 2-3 times the
      windspeed (yes, the kite is in front of you, while you feel wind in your
      face). To do this, one sails the kite in a vertical figure 8, and
      zig-zags the buggy very slightly, from about 165 degrees to "by-the-lee"
      slightly--perhaps 185 degrees. In one portion of the "stroke" the kite is
      pulling the buggy, in the other, the buggy "feels" like it's pulling the

      This is difficult to explain, and more dificult to do. By and large, only
      the most experienced buggiers can manage it (I only know one, but made
      him take me on a tandem buggy with me having nothing to do but
      measure--and feel--the apparent wind.) If I wanted to perfect this, I'd
      practice it on land with a buggy first, then work to transfer the
      technique to water.

      I'm quite sure it can be done, on water. Imagine blasting past the fleet
      at 2x windspeed, dead to leeward!

      Dave Culp

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