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2253[ksurf] Re: kiteskim pictures on the web

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  • wilfried leger
    May 1, 1999
      Hi Stefano!
      I'm interested by kiteskim. Can you give me the sizes of your board.
      Do you able to go both sides? After looking at the photos, i think your only
      footstrap not well position to go both sides.
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      Date : mercredi 28 avril 1999 21:23
      Objet : [ksurf] kiteskim pictures on the web

      >I uploaded (but havent put on my page yet) two pictures of kiteskimming !
      >done with my kiteskimboard ! (picture is on the website under
      >>equipment>boards) (http://members.theglobe.com/kitesurf/skimkiteboard.jpg)
      >When REALLY powered up I can ride this board (plank of wood) in deep water
      >too... This day i rode it out so far i got a jump off a wave (jumpskim
      >picture) - This board can actually be riden both ways - or toe edge
      >whatever, and it rides well even sideways !... With a cquad i can ride
      >upwind - in the picture you will notice that i am riding straight out and
      >the wind was cross on shore ! I think the board rides well upwind because
      >of 3 reasons
      >1 thin edges - its a plank of wood - 1 cm thick
      >2 straight rails - its a plank of wood - cant get any straighter !
      >3 when skimming there is much less drag which helps to go upwind !
      >the disadvantages of a plank of wood (before we all go out and get one) are
      >1 weight
      >2 no flotation
      >3 I dont have a leash for it
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