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2251[ksurf] kiteskim pictures on the web

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  • Stefano_Rosso%BUNGEAGRIBUSINESS@bunge.com
    Apr 28, 1999
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      I uploaded (but havent put on my page yet) two pictures of kiteskimming !
      done with my kiteskimboard ! (picture is on the website under
      >equipment>boards) (http://members.theglobe.com/kitesurf/skimkiteboard.jpg)

      When REALLY powered up I can ride this board (plank of wood) in deep water
      too... This day i rode it out so far i got a jump off a wave (jumpskim
      picture) - This board can actually be riden both ways - or toe edge
      whatever, and it rides well even sideways !... With a cquad i can ride
      upwind - in the picture you will notice that i am riding straight out and
      the wind was cross on shore ! I think the board rides well upwind because
      of 3 reasons

      1 thin edges - its a plank of wood - 1 cm thick
      2 straight rails - its a plank of wood - cant get any straighter !
      3 when skimming there is much less drag which helps to go upwind !

      the disadvantages of a plank of wood (before we all go out and get one) are

      1 weight
      2 no flotation
      3 I dont have a leash for it



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