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22496Re: [ksurf] Re: Locked out of Iwindsurf.com!

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  • Stefano
    Dec 1, 2000
      > Without being accusatory, I'd offer the idea that your goals and
      > those of kitesurfing end users are at odds...
      > Here's a thought: I think most would agree that this egroup is likely
      > one of the biggest, and best kitesurfing forums available on the net.
      > I get as many as 50-80 posts here, per day. Why not mirror *this* on
      > your site? This isn't hard to do, using frames. eGroups allows this
      > (they want a little $, but you can take that or leave it--anybody can
      > do frames).
      > That way we'd *all* not only get more traffic, we'd drive more and
      > more content to this egroup, for the good of us all. If the current
      > "sponsor" agreement between Stefano and his sponsors is a problem,
      > well, I expect half a dozen site owners could out-bid the present
      > sponsor, for a few pennies per hit, and make Kitesurfing back into a
      > "sponsorless" group, ready for inclusion into your web site.
      > Stefano, what do you think?

      hello -

      i agree with Dave Culps comments... There are more than a dozen kitesurf
      forums around as a kitesurfer i would like them all to be in one place but
      thats up to us kitesurfers to do that !

      actually i stopped (at least temporarily) the sponsorship of the egroup. My
      concept was to get equipment in exchange of the sponsorship so that i could
      lend it out to the "not so fortunate" kids at my spot to teach them how to
      kitesurf. Turns out this is not as easy as i hoped for, due to a lack of
      time on my part mostly.

      Therefore I will not ask for sponsors for a little while. The fee to
      maintain the group addfree has been paid for the year so we might as well
      enjoy it !

      I am totally ok with anybody framing the egroup - there are quite a few that
      do it already. in any case you can frame it independent of what I think. I
      dont see the group as "mine". I like to take care of it but its "owned" by
      the web kitesurfing community.

      Go ahead and frame away !