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19831Re: [ksurf] Too much wind...

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  • David Trewern
    Oct 2, 2000
      on 3/10/00 9:02 AM, Steve McCormack at sydney@... wrote:

      > Hi Dave
      > Why not try putting the bridle back on you AR3.5 and use a shorter bar with
      > it (just slide the leaders inwards on the stock bar to find a compromise)?

      I might do that - only thing is the 4-line set-up makes dealing with these
      crazy winds so much easier. I would have had a much harder time on Sunday
      with no ability to de-power in the gusts.

      Either way I need a much shorter bar. I might chop the ends off my old Naish
      bar - or even turn it into two bars!

      It's a pity those Longhorns cost so much - I would love a tiny Longhorn -
      but I would rather buy half a new board instead!

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