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1979[ksurf] Kite Surfing Sighting

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  • cbrent@orix.com.au
    Apr 5, 1999
      Hi all,
      Seeing as Easter Monday in Sydney Australia was a rainy day (again). I decided to hit the movies. The new IMAX movie Extreme was on so we went to that. For those of you who haven't seen IMAX its a big screen thing, I mean big several stories high, 20,000 times bigger than a TV screen. After some fantastic surfing, snowboarding etc we got to some windsurfing, then after Robbie Naish said his bit what do I see but him on a board holding a Wipika style boom. I got pretty excited around this point, and sure enough there he was sailing along Wipika above him. The shots weren't quite as spectacular as the windsurfing as I guess the helicopter couldn't get as close. Still it was something though. Topped off a pretty good weekend of buggying and surfing.


      P.S. The movie is worth seeing for the other stuff too. It really is quite amazing

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