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19778Re: [ksurf] Too much wind...

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  • David Trewern
    Oct 1, 2000
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      > That reminds me of back when we came to the conclusion that not only are the
      > meters sometimes off, but that different temp, pressure, & humidity could
      > have a pretty big effect on the force.

      I agree - it was bloddy cold - which made it feel pretty strong.

      I have held my wind meter out the car window (just like they tell you not
      to) and it matched the speedo almost exactly (on a calm day). I think it's
      pretty accurate.

      Before I pulled the windmeter out, I would have guessed it was 25-30 at

      It was weird to see 18 knots on the meter at times - but I am pretty sure it
      was right.
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