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19773Re: [ksurf] Too much wind...

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  • David Trewern
    Oct 1, 2000
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      on 2/10/00 10:57 AM, KiteBoard@... at KiteBoard@... wrote:

      > david@... writes:
      > << I went out with the Naish 5.0 as the wind had backed off to 18-27knots. >>
      > This seems odd, since even at only 62kg (135lb) I'm still having fun in 25
      > knots with my 7.5 AR5 (can barely handle 30), although that is a big range,
      > going all the way down to 18. I'm curious what you weigh, & what's your next
      > size up from the 5.0?

      Next size up is 7.5. There was no way I was taking that out, as the stronger
      squalls coming through were pretty strong. I had already witnessed one of
      the most experienced kitesurfers I know getting blown halfway out into the
      bay - he nearly lost his kite.

      If it was 25knots and perfectly consistent - I may have considered the 7.5.

      It was a kitesurfing demo day - and I was the only person out because the
      wind was pretty crazy. The wind meter said 18-27knots - but it seemed pretty
      scary despite this.

      There was someone kitesurfing with a tiny 2 line stunt kite!
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