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19749Re: [ksurf] Anyone used Wipika's New 4 Line Bar?

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  • David Trewern
    Oct 1, 2000
      >Matt Colefax, the oz wipi distributor, and Ian Grose/Airborn Kitesurfing WA,
      both have one of the new 16.0's. Matt is raving about his (of course ;-)
      said it is the most well finished kite he has gotten, but also he described
      it as very close in size when he laid it over an AR5 15.5 and said that he
      thought the AR was lower than the AR5!

      But High AR kites are no good - Wipika tried that years ago and it didn't
      work. The AR5's are just a gimmick and will never be as good as the Wipika

      Sorry, I couldn't help myself... Too many people around here have been
      sucked in by this line - so there's only a couple of us in Melbourne with AR

      Now at least the Wipika die hards can see what they have been missing...

      I'd love to check one out if anyone has one in Melbourne.

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