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19744Re: [ksurf] Anyone used Wipika's New 4 Line Bar?

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  • Steve McCormack
    Oct 1, 2000
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      Hi Steve
      Matt Colefax, the oz wipi distributor, and Ian Grose/Airborn Kitesurfing WA, both have one of the new 16.0's. Matt is raving about his (of course ;-) said it is the most well finished kite he has gotten, but also he described it as very close in size when he laid it over an AR5 15.5 and said that he thought the AR was lower than the AR5!?
      I suspect the black art of kite measurement could be similar to  picking the right numbers lotto :-))
      The bar is very interesting, I forgot to ask whether Matt had it too, I will email him and ask for you/everyone, cya and
      Steve McCormack
      126 Beach St, Coogee, Sydney, NSW, Australia 2034.
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      Just checked out the Wipika site.  The new 4 line bar looks real interesting.  Has anyone tried it?
      Also saw that the 16 m kite is in limited production. Web site says it is 16m "projected area".  That means twice the projected area of the AR5 15.5 which is 8.4 projected.  Is that right??
      Carson City, Nevada USA

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