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19421Re: core material...was Clam sandwich review (ANTI-COMish)

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  • Rainer Leuschke
    Sep 26, 2000
      --- In kitesurf@egroups.com, David Turner <windwave@p...> wrote:
      > Tony Fin of liquid force told me the polyurathane core in his
      > wakeboard costs $6....compared to about $75 for a PVC core.

      > Now, I'm no engineer, so please don't hand me any trigonometry,

      Ok. No trig. But a sheet (8'x4') of 3/4" divinycell H80 is something
      like $120 at fiberglass supply. How many cores can you get out of
      I bet it's more than 1.6 8-)

      I think the most widely available polyurethane foam (other than clark
      foam) here in the states is last-a-foam. It's a bit cheaper ($52 for
      8'x2' sheet) but nowhere near as good as divinycell for material
      properties. Is that what the wakeboard makers use?

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