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19411Re: Dificulty getting the Naish kite in the air

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  • gordonadam@hotmail.com
    Sep 26, 2000
      I have a 2 line Naish ar3.5 9.0 and I have good luck with launching
      it on the water. I actually prefer to launch it on the water when I
      don't have a partner to hold it. That way I don't rip it on the sand
      if it drags around before launching.

      You definitely have to let it get all the way to the edge of the
      window. You'll know you're there when you have the bar vertical and
      you pull a little on the up line and it the kite doesn't fall to the
      left or right but remains vertical.

      Another thing you can do to get it going is not to pull, but to give.
      That is, swim forward or let the kite drag you a bit until it turns
      over so the leading edge is facing you with the end of the kite you
      are going to pull on pointing up. That's when I pull on the up line
      and it moves swiftly to the edge where it lifts. Sometimes the kite
      needs a little momentum to lift out of the water, swim or jump
      forward with it in this case.

      Once the kite is in the air you can pump the bar left-right-left-
      right......It's ok to send it across the window to get some lift, but
      you'll get dragged hard if its windy. Try to lift it all the way up
      in the neutral side you launched from by pumping it. The key is to
      keep the kite moving in quick back and forths within that side until
      it moves to the top.

      Good luck.

      --- In kitesurf@egroups.com, Paul Coutinho <fllysurfer@y...> wrote:
      > Hello to all,
      > I have a Naish 3.5 AR 7m. I have been out on 15 knot
      > winds and the kite flys perfectly. However I have a
      > hard time getting off the water.
      > It seems that the only way to get it up is to pull it
      > to one end of the wind window and have it cross to the
      > other side while on the water, but sometimes even then
      > the kite doesn´t always get off the water.
      > I´m flying with 30m lines.
      > Any advice anyone?
      > Cheers!
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