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19393Tip: users of AR5 of similar depowersystem

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  • Crash
    Sep 26 3:09 AM
      This is a tip for users of AR5 or similar kites with this

      I guess most of you sail with the depowertrimloop connected to the

      Some of you don't like the strap to be so far away from the bar and
      put the strap directly to the bar. In this way you don't have the
      trimloop anymore and you cannot depower with the loop on your harness.

      I put the strap directly to the bar, let the line go up for about 1
      meter and put a pulley there and let the line go back to the bar
      where the trimloop now still is.

      There are two advantages and one (on first sight) disadvantages to
      this system. Offcourse you now have the strap close by and you can
      also use the trimloop. Also, because of the pulley, it is very easy
      to depower. It takes so less effort that you can depower with two
      fingers even in a major gust.

      On first sight it may be a disadv. that the kite depowers only 50 %
      (because of the pulley when you pull the strap for 10 cm the
      frontlines go down fo 5 cm), but is practice (I tried it with AR5 5,5
      and 7,5) it is very comfortable to not have the kite to be depowered
      so fast. With the pulley the kite depoweres but does not looses all
      the power at once. I think it is an advantage to have the kite
      depowered like this. I noticed that I use the strap more often then
      the trimloop and only use the trimloop in major gusts or on the
      beach. Besides, you can make the trimloop line go up and make it
      longer then the standard gray Naish loop (wich stretches anyway).

      This standard Naish trimloopline I replace. I use a dyneema line (6
      mm) and take the nylon protection off. Now I only have the 100 %
      Dyneema and use this as trimloopline (like 40 cm). If it is worn out
      I just replace this line (it is connected to the line wich goes up to
      the pulley and down again to the strap on the bar.

      The first original 2 meters of backline I also replace because after
      litle time they stretch. I use 4 mm dyneema (with nylon coating).

      simple picture of the system: http://www.jumptobigair.nl/bar.gif

      good luck.

      Ben from Holland
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