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18369Re: Arc and NZ board - board levels

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  • Eli Chancey
    Sep 1, 2000
      Somebody mind telling me, other than size, why one board would be
      easier for a beginner compared to others (ie: underground boards?)

      --- In kitesurf@egroups.com, "Steve McCormack" <sydney@k...> wrote:
      > Hi Karl
      > Your friends Arc sounds like it is a 2nd gen kite and they
      reportedly had
      > the characteristics you describe. The 3rd gen kites have had
      changes made to
      > them to enable more depowering (not as much as a Naish AR5) and
      > turning with less tendency to stall.
      > The boards are made by Adrian Roper of Sailboards Underground in
      NZ, Adrian
      > is a very experienced windsurfer/board manufacturer turned
      > kitesurfer/kiteboard manufacturer, he has been making the Peter
      Lynn boards
      > for the last couple of years too.
      > He can be contacted via this e-mail address
      > sailboards@x...
      > His boards are excellent quality, virtually bomb proof, and
      probably more
      > technical to ride than some. They are designed for intermediate to
      > riders, a lot of design input comes from Kane Hartill.
      > Kitepower is an agent for them in Oz, cya and
      > Goodwinds
      > Steve McCormack
      > www.kitepower.com.au
      > sydney@k...
      > 126 Beach St, Coogee, Sydney, NSW, Australia 2034.
      > Ph/Fax 02 9315 7894 International +61293157894
      > 386 Latrobe Terrace, Geelong, Victoria, Australia 3020
      > Ph/Fax 03 5229 5899 International +61352295899
      > > I tried out an Arc for someone who wanted to know if he was having
      > problems
      > > only because of inexperience.
      > > I was going fine upwind with a Wipika 8.5 and had also tried a
      Naish 9.5.
      > > The guy had made his own control bar and set up the lines himself.
      > > Although I didn't lose too much ground, I did lose some and even
      > > slacking off the back lines, the kite never seemed to perform.
      How have
      > > other people found them (it was a 7.2). How should the lines be
      set up -
      > he
      > > had both front and rear lines going to the outside of the bar and
      the rear
      > > lines fed through pulley wheels so that the could be adjusted
      using a
      > > central loop a la Naish system. If it is like a Naish, should
      the front
      > > lines go to the centre of the bar?
      > > Basically I don't want to comment on a kite after only a couple
      of runs
      > but
      > > it seemed to have the charachteristics of a foil rather than a
      sled - by
      > > which I mean no ability to depower and usefully change AOA on the
      fly. It
      > > was also sluggish and slow to turn (maybe needed a longer bar?).
      > > He also had a custom New Zealand made surf board. It was the
      best board
      > > I've ridden - I'd like to find who makes them: the main graphics
      > > Underground and I think he said the builder was Adrian Roper??
      > > Can't find anything on the net.
      > > Anyone know more about them?
      > > It seemed a bit like riding a wakeboard style - loads of edge and
      > > responsive to small foot pressure. I couldn't gybe it but then I
      can only
      > > just about gybe my Bic.
      > > Karl
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