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17885Re: [ksurf] Age limit for responsible safe Kitesurfing???

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  • Peter Traykovski
    Aug 24, 2000
      A friend of mines 7 year old daughter gets going pretty good on her boogie board
      with a slingshot B2. She hasn't figured out upwind on this setup yet!

      When flying on the beach she does have tendency to take everyone else kites out
      of the sky (except when we are flying big kites..then she know she doesn't have
      a chance)

      Todd Snyder wrote:

      > We as a group !!!??? Start setting age limits and rules!!!??? What R you
      > republican . Somebody with nothing to to do but set new rules an regulation
      > and put restrictions on people. You'll never control everyone so stop tring.
      > Hey look its not how old you are it's who and how your parents are. I was
      > shooting pheasant with my 4/10 shot gun when I was 8 I never went out and
      > shot any one!!!
      > At least not yet ......
      > Jeff Weiss wrote:
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