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171Re: [ksurf] boardsize

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  • Thomas David
    Sep 3, 1998
      Hi all.
      I finaly have my mail account!
      tdavid@... is the permanent one.

      > You will not have any problems getting on a small board because the
      > techinque is diffrent from windsurfing. I mean while you are holding the
      > kite in the air you put BOTH of your feet in the footstraps. That is
      > easier to do on smaller board, trust me. Then you dive the kite and by
      > pushing the board against the water you get on the board without any
      > trouble. Staying ON the board is totally diffrent thing which takes time
      > to learn even on big board!
      > Bye!
      So, listening to you, the shorter the board, the better.
      I have an old surfboard (6.6'). Could it be easily reinforced and straped? Has
      anybody tried to do the same?

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      Date: 03-Sep-98 / Time: 09:57:00

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