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16987Re: [ksurf] Ladder Lock Broke

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  • Todd Snyder
    Aug 2, 2000
      I'm not using a ladder lock ! I use a super lock buckle from westmarine had
      the same one on now for 5months with no problems.

      Dwight & Jacky wrote:

      > Todd and Mel,
      > What brand of ladder lock buckle are you using and where did you get them?
      > My ladder lock from West Marine broke tonight. I'm going back to my old
      > adjusting strap which I made using 2" webbing and ladder lock. I'll switch
      > back to 1" when I find a heavy duty 1" buckle. The West Marine buckle is
      > lighter duty than the Naish buckle. The local climbing store has ladder
      > locks that are even weaker than the West Marine one.
      > Dwight
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