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  • Eli Chancey
    Jul 23 9:27 AM
      Okay, I know I've been a skeptic of Naish Kites for a while. I orginally
      thought it was all hype and buzz and stuff. I always thought they were in
      effeficent due to the fact that a little bit more than 1/3 of the wingspan
      is producing lift that doesn't actually pull you or lift you.

      Yesterday I traveled down to Neptune Beach FL. Jeff, from kitemare.com let
      my fly his concept air 7.3 (i think that was the size; it seemed to be
      utterly weak for the wind that we had. I guess I'm just used to my 8.5
      c-quad). True, we only had 2-6 knots. Then we packed that up and brought out
      has AR5 13.5. Big wingspan. High aspect. Yummy.

      I was very suprised at how much this thing pulled for the little bit of wind
      we had. The kite was very easy to fly (compared to c-quad neway). The
      sheeting system work flawlessly. I can't wait to try a 15.5 out in the
      occasional 20mph winds we have around here. (The 8.5 C-Quad was, well,
      suicidial in these winds. I had a blast..could have used a harness though)

      As soon as I get back from Europe (july 31-aug12) and get to test out an
      Advance Io 9.5 (also going by thun, switzerland) I'll be purchasing a 15.5.
      How much of a difference in the wind range is there between the 15.5 and the
      13.5 ?

      I didn't get a chance to try to water relaunch the ar5 because of the
      minimal winds (in fact there wasn't enough wind to kite surf..just keep the
      kite up in the air) but I'm sure its easier than trying to relaunch a c-quad
      (hehe, yeah, right)

      Not sure how to end this message but I was amazed by the ar5. I can't wait
      to try to kitesurf with it.

      Eli Chancey a.k.a. PhiberKut]AfZ[
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