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16112Re: [ksurf]New Naish AR5 Pants (COM)

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  • Steve McCormack
    Jul 17, 2000
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      Hi David and and Ben

      We have these incredible pants in stock now, you can have the Todds mods
      insulated beer/weight pockets with dual drinking straws fitted for free.
      These new Naish pants really make a big difference to your wind range,
      provided you inflate them properly, from the inside, with SMG.
      You will find the quick release very handy too, especially if there are any
      girls around to impress.
      And they only cost me $1100 for the M size, cya and :-)
      Steve McCormack

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      From: "David Trewern" <david@...>
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      Sent: Monday, 17 July 2000 3:47
      Subject: Re: [ksurf] pants

      > Seriously Ben,
      > apparently the pants make you jump higher due the the increased AOA of the
      > projected surface area of the inflated cross section bridle-line.
      > My pants also have a built in quick release in-case of emergency.
      > But only 'Naish' pants will do, and they must be re-launchable. Any pants
      > under $1,000 simply won't work properly.
      > DT
      > > Pants,
      > >
      > > You'd get em at a clothes shop. Sounds and looks like a wank.
      > > BM
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