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15345Re: Wakeboard techniques?

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  • Ted
    Jul 2, 2000
      When the board is behind you and you are on your stomach we do one of
      the following.

      Roll your board in front. Bend your knees with the board close to
      your butt and with the kite in the neautral position use your stomach
      muscles to bring your feet / board in front. It is a lean backwards
      force the board under you and forward effort. With the larger
      wakeboards this is a chore but not too hard.

      Jump and swing the board in front. This is a good one for those who
      use bindings and a smaller wake board. On your stomach with board
      behind you bring the kite to one side, then just as you would
      initiate a jump bring the kite overhead. As you are pulled out of
      the water swing the board in front. When you are initiating your
      jump the board is behind you with your knees bent while leaning
      forward. The board is out of the water behind you at this point.
      After several trys you'll be able to come out of this one on a plane.


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      > > << Are there any wakeboard style kitesurfers out there who can
      tell me
      > > how you re-orient yourself (without taking the board off your
      > > after you get dragged, or wipe out and end up with the board
      > > you? I've done it once, but it was a bit of a fluke. I'm
      > > sick of taking the board off, flying the kite, and putting the
      > > on again. Help!
      > > >>
      > > If you fall and land on your back, first you must roll your body
      back to
      > your
      > > front side.
      > > This can be difficult when kite is overhead in nuetral zone,
      because now
      > you
      > > are facing upwards looking at the kite backwards. . To roll back
      > > slowly lower kite to edge of window and roll your body back over
      > it.
      > > Then raise kite to nuetral, over head, and fly the wake board
      > > back to the starting position...
      > If you're in very shallow water, rolling over from this position is
      > easy - as I discovered. Stay in water deep enough so you CAN roll
      the board
      > around if need be.
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