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15324Re: [ksurf] Wakeboard techniques?

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  • paul menta
    Jul 1 8:12 PM
      your problem is a common one.when you crash or fall and the board is BEHIND
      you,first relax and get the kite in the nuetral posistion.then looking up at
      the kite, start to twist the board driving the your right foot down in the
      water,let the kite go a little to the left so it lifts you slightly,keep
      twisting the board and suck your knees up to your chest and as the board
      starts to come aroundbring the kite back to nuetral. i know eaiser said than
      done ,but remember,what i explained is a 1-2-3 thing,once you start ,dont
      stop,this is a safe way and i teach all my students this way,and they never
      have a problem........

      remember relax!!!!!!!...........paul

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      Are there any wakeboard style kitesurfers out there who can tell me
      how you re-orient yourself (without taking the board off your feet)
      after you get dragged, or wipe out and end up with the board behind
      you? I've done it once, but it was a bit of a fluke. I'm getting
      sick of taking the board off, flying the kite, and putting the board
      on again. Help!

      Antigua, W.I.

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