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15295Re: [ksurf] FREE New Naish WristBands Finally In

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  • Steve McCormack
    Jul 1, 2000
      Hi Fellow Aussies

      These wrist cuffs are now available in Australia too, please contact us to
      get one sent to you even if you did not purchase your kite from us, cya and
      Steve McCormack

      > The new Naish kiteleash wrist bands are finally available. Your local
      > will swap yours out for free.
      > I picked one up today, & replaced the DaKine I'd been happy with, just to
      > it. Seems fine in use. It's a little different from anything I've seen
      > far as putting it on & off - there's a stiff plastic piece inside (like a
      > mast base pad) so it clips around your wrist & stays there by itself while
      > you wrap the single 1:1 velcro strap with one hand. Seems unnecessary for
      > KITE leash, since you have both hands free while putting it on (unless you
      > forget & launch the kite first), but it would be a cool idea if anybody
      > uses an ankle-mounted boardleash.
      > Mel
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