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15292RE: [ksurf] FREE New Naish WristBands Finally In

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  • KiteBoard@aol.com
    Jul 1, 2000
      IanYoung@... (Ian Young) writes:

      >since you have both hands free while putting it on (unless you
      >forget & launch the kite first)

      IMO it is much safer to launch your kite without having your board leash
      attached. >>

      Well I was writing about the KITE leash, but still:

      << Much safer to attach it with the kite stable overhead and on the waters
      edge. >>

      Agreed, IF the winds are steady enough that the kite WILL be stable overhead.
      Otherwise it can be much safer to launch the kite while in the water, at
      least with a Naish/Wipika.

      Here where it's really gusty on the beach it's MUCH safer to attach the
      boardleash, walk into the water, drop the board & launch the kite. Then you
      can let the gusts lift & drag you out to where the wind is a little better,
      there is nobody downwind to crash on, & if you do crash, it's into open
      water, not land or surf.

      The foil guys say they can't do it. They have to do like I used to: try to
      attach the boardleash on land while being lifted & dragged down the beach by
      the gusts, hopefully with the board trailing, because it's virtually
      impossible to walk upwind if there's enough to be powered on the water.

      An additional problem created by this method is that you can't choose exactly
      when & where you launch, since you can't tell how long & far down the beach
      you'll be struggling even to get your one-handed harness-mounted
      quick-release boardleash attached. By the time you're ready to drag your
      board across the sand to launch, you could be just upwind of innocent

      With the pre-attachment of the boardleash you can choose your launch site, &
      wait for it to clear of bystanders downwind (or ask them to move for a
      moment) & then as soon as you launch the kite you can swing it safely over
      the water & go.

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