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1508[ksurf] Australian Kite surf challenge

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  • phil@kitefactory.com.au
    Feb 17, 1999
      In Adelaide we hold
      The Adelaide International Kite Festival 26th - 28th March, 99
      We run many competitions and events.

      This year we have organised the first
      AUSTRALIAN KITE SURF CHALLENGE The challenge involves 3 events. Speed race, Slalom Race and Freestyle. The events run on the Sat and Sun with demonstrations on the Fri.

      To be eligible to win the Australian Kite Surf Cup you must compete in all three races......overall winner wins the cup and $1000 prize money. Prizes to third position.

      Registration fee is $30 for the three races + $25 insurance.(if not an akfa member).

      If you are interested, want more information and a registration form

      please contact Anne Marie Parry info@...
      The Kite Factory
      Kite Surf Australia
      PH: 08 8271 8155
      FAX: 08 8357 8511

      eGroup home: http://www.eGroups.com/list/kitesurf
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