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13858Re: [ksurf] Re: Please explain "edge harder"

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  • Steve McCormack
    Jun 2, 2000
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      Hi Stefano

      > > In physics water and air are both fluids right?
      > Not just in physics !

      In reality - right?? :-o))

      > Designing a kiteboard is a nice challenge huh ?

      Yep, thats why I'm sticking to running 2 shops stocking thousands of
      products raising children and just using other peoples products way
      easier!!! :-)
      Thanks for the very informative answer, makes me very appreciative of the
      Legainoux bros, Lynn's, Montague's, Salle's, Preston's, Rogallo's, Wright's
      etc etc, work. We need all of them to keep at it and one day we will have
      even better kites and gear. Cya and
      Steve McCormack
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