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13824Re: [ksurf] How many kites does everyone have/use ?

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  • Steve McCormack
    Jun 2, 2000
      Hi Mel

      I think he meant they can be bridled at a higher angle and will fly high in
      the window with less chance of stalling, from my understanding this is
      because they have a narrow/thin leading edge and conform more to an
      aerofoil. This is not true for the Naish/Wipika design though due to the
      thickness and non aerofoil shape and the turbulence under the leading edge
      tube creating an amount of drag that seems to be a useful characteristic of
      this sled. Good solid pull throughout the wind window, low sensitivity to
      gusting, basically they are a kite that is good for certain aspects of
      kitesurfing like big high jumps. Well designed foils have a far more
      efficient aerofoil design, but they are way more sensitive to gusts and
      require greater vigilance and faster reactions from the flyer, the
      characteristics give a narrower wind range that is comfortable so they are
      better for high speed and situations like wave riding, I guess what I see
      happening is that certain kites will be better for different aspects of this
      sport and people will choose according to their needs. What do you or others
      think about this ?
      From my understanding you are absolutely correct in that a kites angle of
      attack changes at every point within the 1/4 sphere they fly in. Cya and
      Steve McCormack

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      > << > Have you heard something about a proposed production double-skin
      > Don Montague mentioned it here some time back. He also pointed out that
      > single surface kites fly at higher angles of attack without stalling....
      > Don't hold your breath waiting for double surface kites. They may never
      > what we need form kiting. >>
      > Don't "foil" kites qualify as "double surface" ? Don't they offer what we
      > need? Granted, most don't have adjustable angle of incidence, but the
      > highly aclaimed Peter Lynn "Arc" (or Arch, or whatever) does, and the
      > angle of attack changes a lot with different wind speeds, points of sail,
      > attitude of the kite, etc.
      > Mel
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