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13823Re: [ksurf] How many kites does everyone have/use ?

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  • Dwight & Jacky
    Jun 2, 2000
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      > Don't "foil" kites qualify as "double surface" ? Don't they offer what we
      > need?

      We were talking about a guy who was waiting for a double surface Naish or

      No or little warning of a pending stall. Just stall hard and fall. Typical
      of double surface vs single surface wings. Is this really good for kiting?
      Higher speeds, maybe too high for all around fun. Prone to generating too
      much apparent wind speed. Do we really need this to do what we want in
      kiting? They may be the future, but as I said before don't hold your breath
      waiting. It took a long time before hang glider designs advanced enough to
      make double surface wings work well.

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