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13817Re: [ksurf] How many kites does everyone have/use ?

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  • KiteBoard@aol.com
    Jun 1, 2000
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      In a message dated 00-06-01 19:50:33 EDT, fishersfort@... writes:

      << > Have you heard something about a proposed production double-skin Naish?

      Don Montague mentioned it here some time back. He also pointed out that
      single surface kites fly at higher angles of attack without stalling....
      Don't hold your breath waiting for double surface kites. They may never offer
      what we need form kiting. >>

      Don't "foil" kites qualify as "double surface" ? Don't they offer what we
      need? Granted, most don't have adjustable angle of incidence, but the new,
      highly aclaimed Peter Lynn "Arc" (or Arch, or whatever) does, and the actual
      angle of attack changes a lot with different wind speeds, points of sail,
      attitude of the kite, etc.

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