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13811RE: [ksurf] Re: Please explain "edge harder"

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  • Ian Young
    Jun 1, 2000
      >Thanks for the tips all. Sounds like "edge harder" means push down harder.

      Yes - but on the upwind EDGE of the board ie bury the edge of the board as
      deep as you can get it in strong winds as, or JUST BEFORE, you become

      >This could be time for a few skier type thigh strengthening exercises.

      Not really - you only have to hold the pressure for a short time. While
      holding the edge, apply bottom line pressure to keep the kite flying low and
      horizontally and watch the kite drive to the edge of the wind window until
      the pressure eases. With a slower kite you will have to hold the pressure
      for longer.

      >It sounds reasonable that my straps have been set up too far forward
      >for a foil as Alex the Stonker man is a Wipika pilot.

      This shouldn't make any difference. Alex's boards are fine, but ours are
      better ;-)

      Most people used to think our boards were too narrow but as their skills are
      improving they can see that it's much easier to get good rail control with a
      narrower board. I still teach with the same board and most learners do not
      have any problem with a narrow board - it only seems to be people who are
      already set in a paradigm of a wide board with two straps up front.

      One critical issue with board design is rail control and this is affected by
      having one or two foot-straps up front. With two straps up front you can't
      get your foot across the stringer as far and must go for a wider board to
      avoid having your heel drag in the water. With a single strap up front you
      get excellent "heel-toe" rail control which makes wave riding and jibing so
      much easier and under control. You can still switch stance easily with a
      single strap up front and I have yet to lose a board in a jump, loop or spin
      as a result of having of a single strap up front.

      Also a wider board has more buoyancy. The more buoyancy the harder it is to
      sink the edge to hold the power and go upwind.

      >I may end up with a wider stance

      That probably won't hurt but optimum stance should be a little wider than
      shoulder width.

      Ian Young

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