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13800Re: Please explain "edge harder"

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  • Greg Walsh
    Jun 1, 2000
      Thanks for the tips all. Sounds like "edge harder" means push down
      harder. This could be time for a few skier type thigh strenthening

      It sounds reasonable that my straps have been set up too far forward
      for a foil as Alex the Stonker man is a Wipika pilot. I'll try moving
      my straps further back, though I have limited scope for that without
      putting in new plugs. I may end up with a wider stance and I feel
      has been limiting my ability to edge strongly.


      --- In kitesurf@egroups.com, "Dwight & Jacky" <fishersfort@a...>
      > >
      > > I guess what I'm saying is I seem to be able to edge harder if I
      sink the
      > > rear edge of the board more.
      > I agree with that. I added inserts and moved my straps back to
      > this. If you ride foils, your straps may be too far forward. On my
      6'6 board
      > my rear insert was at 12" and I moved it back to 10 1/2. On Jacky's
      5'6 the
      > rear insert is at 10". On my 5'9 my rear insert is at 12". On many
      > I've seen, riders are limited to 14" as their rear most insert. On
      my 7'2
      > 14" was right. Different boards require different placement, yours
      may not
      > be perfect. I sold my 6'6 and 7'2, the 5'9 does it all and is
      to ride
      > like Rad dude #2.
      > Dwight
      > http://www.angelfire.com/nc/capefearwindsurfing/kitesurfing.html
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