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13772Re: [ksurf] Please explain "edge harder"

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  • Dwight & Jacky
    Jun 1, 2000
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      > I guess what I'm saying is I seem to be able to edge harder if I sink the
      > rear edge of the board more.

      I agree with that. I added inserts and moved my straps back to accomplish
      this. If you ride foils, your straps may be too far forward. On my 6'6 board
      my rear insert was at 12" and I moved it back to 10 1/2. On Jacky's 5'6 the
      rear insert is at 10". On my 5'9 my rear insert is at 12". On many boards
      I've seen, riders are limited to 14" as their rear most insert. On my 7'2
      14" was right. Different boards require different placement, yours may not
      be perfect. I sold my 6'6 and 7'2, the 5'9 does it all and is easier to ride
      like Rad dude #2.


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