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13768Re: [ksurf] Anyone Kitesurfing Isabella Lake, CA?LowDown

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  • LA2WNDSRF@aol.com
    Jun 1, 2000
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      garth_gregoire@... writes:

      > One other note on Isabella, on the lower wind days, it tends to be VERY
      > Basically if it's averaging 13-17 or so, it tends to actually be 0 - 20,
      > exactly ideal kitesurfing conditions.
      > Also, predicting whether their will be wind at Isabella or not can be
      > but generally if it's foggy at the coast, it blows good.
      > Garth

      I've been windsurfing their since ' 79, you young whipper snappers!
      And you are right Garth - it can be very gusty - its not unusual to have
      10-30mph winds.
      This past April and first half of May were very good with winds in the 25-50
      mph range. I was literally blown off the water one day, after the first two
      days of 20-35mph winds.
      Now it is a early warm year up their and the winds are turning gusty in the
      light range. Again Garth you are right, watch for low pressure system on the
      coast, being socked in "June Gloom", except in double high pressure systems,
      which can generate similar cloudy coast, but light winds at Isabella too. Too
      hot Temps are the key.
      Possibly warming in So Cal this weekend, so may be light at Izzy.
      It will be hot up their - in the upper '80's to the '90's -
      Check www.iwindsurf.com/
      for free wind history and delayed real time wind.

      Kitesurfing can be very difficult here and probably frustrating with gusts.

      Suggested areas to launch with an unobstructed beach area to walk back up
      wind (to start with) is the Auxiliary Dam area(Upwind,South). As you become
      familiar - you can go down to the "Ghetto" area(downwind, North) (more
      boulders and bushes to launch,though) which is nearer the wider part of the
      lake and a favorite for the advanced windsurfers.

      You will need a $15 board permit, which is good for the whole year.
      And you better get one because Kitesurfers are so rare here, the Boat Ranger
      will likely inspect you.

      Yes, Try to stay clear of the windsurfers and talk with a few and let them
      know you are watching out for them and that you know what you are doing. (Its
      because You and Kiteboarding is new here, best to start out the right way.)
      Have fun at Izzy and jump a Jetskier for me!
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