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1358[ksurf] Re: Size of kites <-> size of sails

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  • Debra Smith and Paul Watson
    Feb 3, 1999
      Tom, refering to Gaastra's performance testing of windsurfer sails wrote:

      I'd think Gaastra would give the honest results for
      >three reasons: 1) They've always given reliable information in the past, 2)
      >They make better sails now than when they were doing the tests, & 3) There
      >no better numbers available from other manufacturers that would make the
      >Gaastra numbers look bad. I'll try starting at www.gaastra.com and e-mail
      >them about their "ADTR" results.

      ***Thank you, Tom, I would be interested to find out more. Incidentally,
      have you heard any news concerning planned production or prototype testing
      of marine kites by the windsurfing sail lofts?

      Smooth Winds,

      Paul Watson

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