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1352[ksurf] Re: 9.0m² kites?

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  • srosso@bunge.com.br
    Feb 2, 1999
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      Hello again :)

      who tried the 9.0m² kites yet?
      What wind range do they cover?

      I have a 9.5 Concept air EXS....I have used it in 3-4 knots (measured with
      a skywatch but its really hard to be precise when the wind is so light) and
      once i even used it in 2kts with 50 m lines. with 30 M lines (using only 2
      lines) I think i can hold on to it until about 10 kts - the ideal is 6-8

      I really like the kite - it is very stable and turns quite well - I have
      only once managed to drop it in the water - and that was because the wind
      died to 0 knots.

      for shitty wind days it is a great toy... and it is lots of fun if you
      have lots of windsurfer friends that think kitesurfing is stupid. you can
      plane and jump and they cannot even float !

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