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1326[ksurf] Re: Size of kites <-> size of sails

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  • srosso@bunge.com.br
    Feb 1, 1999
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      << *I wonder if there have been any independent university tests or

      When I was at university we knew about the Gaastra ADTR and thought of
      working on a sensor relay system so you could go out sailing and relay
      performance of the sail to a laptop on the beach - problem was there was no
      budget and the guy who tried to get the sail lofts interested got no
      response from them - they didnt even fax him back to say no...

      too bad for them - its not often you get MIT graduates to work on a project
      for you at 6 $ and hour and no overtime...

      the university gave us 500 $ which was enough to buy some four by fours for
      a rig base and to machine a Universal joint with load sensors - never got
      it out into the water (because water is wet and salty and screws up
      electronic equipment)

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