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1322[ksurf] Re: Size of kites <-> size of sails

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  • CKirks@aol.com
    Jan 31, 1999
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      I'd written:
      << >Gaastra is the only company (so far) to have done any kind of real
      >measurements of the forces generated by various designs of sailboard sail.
      >Several years ago they mounted a fully rigged sail to the top of a truck
      >drove across the flat desert. They measured lift, drag, sheeting force,
      >& input to a computer at various airspeeds. They probably have some L/D
      >numbers (that they never published). >>

      Then In a message dated 1/31/99 4:41:33 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      algen@... writes:
      << *I wonder if there have been any independent university tests or research?

      There are none that I've heard of. It is a fairly difficult test to
      accomplish accurately without expensive wind tunnel time (hence the "mount it
      on a truck" technique. I'd think Gaastra would give the honest results for
      three reasons: 1) They've always given reliable information in the past, 2)
      They make better sails now than when they were doing the tests, & 3) There are
      no better numbers available from other manufacturers that would make the
      Gaastra numbers look bad. I'll try starting at www.gaastra.com and e-mail
      them about their "ADTR" results.

      Captain Kirk's Windsurfing

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