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12593wakeboard boot report

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  • David Ambrose
    Apr 30, 2000
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      had to share...

      I tried 4 different bindings kiting with my wakeboard. Here is a
      quick review of the ones I tried so far.

      North Shore Tantrums (NSI)
      These are my favorite boots currently because they offer incredibly
      easy entry. They feature velcro closures to secure the ankle and
      shin which are easy to close one handed. They are a bit stiff, so
      do not feel as lively as some of the other boots, but are comfortable
      for long sessions because they are loose enough to get some
      movement. They have a plastic instep which supports the toe section
      and keeps it from folding in when you are getting your foot in
      place. The plastic instep is attached with rivets which I have blown
      out, but it is easy to fix with nuts and bolts. The manufacturer did
      send me some replacement hardware as well as a new heal piece as I
      blew that out too. The heal piece has a webbing grab pull which
      makes slipping in even easier.

      Shackleboots by solbound
      These boots are lightweight and feel very lively. The ankle and shin
      buckles can be closed one handed, but it is difficult, and takes a
      lot of practice because the inserts are short. You can enter without
      soap even with the ankle buckle closed, however there is no support
      on the toe section, so it tends to fold in on the heal wrap if you
      try to enter one handed. There is no grab pull on the heal piece, so
      you have to use the finger holes. I think with practice, these could
      be great kiteboard boots, especially because they offer amazing
      comfort and liveliness.

      Liquid force wake sandal
      I tried these because I thought it would make for an easier
      transition from my directional board. They are easy to get into, but
      the heal wrap is velcro, and slips out of the strap easily making for
      awkward two handed recovery to get the wrap back into position. Once
      the heal wrap is secure, it holds OK, but does not provide the
      support required to rip.

      Blindside cinch wraps
      I tried the 99 model with the lace up back which allows
      easier entry than some wakeboard boots, but soap is required.
      Closing the lace in back is easy one handed, but the
      boots are not comfortable for long sessions as they feel stiff
      and unflexible. One big plus with these boots is the beefy grab
      handle on the heal piece making entry easier.

      For any wakeboard setup, I highly recommend the wake/kite leash by da
      kine. I blew out my original one, but they have warrantied it
      with a new beefier design. the weakest link has been fixed .)
      btw, i have come out of all the boots mentioned which is good because
      if you don't come out in a big wipe out, the bindings will get torn
      off the board, or worse ...