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12044Re: [ksurf] Re: 4-line bar - REALLY long lines

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  • Steve Bateman
    Apr 4, 2000
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      Dave Raue wrote:
      > With 200 feet you're going to either get so much
      > drag that the brakes are always on OR your brake lines will need to be so
      > slack that they won't work anyway. So it's NOT worth it, at least with 4
      > lines.

      I disagree. I fly my XXXL on 170 foot of line, 4 line mode. Works
      I got plenty of slack in the brakes, and I can work the brakes just

      Long lines give you plenty of room for error, and since I fly kites
      that aren't water relaunchable, that's important for me. Long lines
      do make jumps harder, especially in low wind range for the kite.

      Steve Bateman geokite at excite dot com
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