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12020Cabarete report

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  • Ziv Halevy
    Apr 3, 2000
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      Just returned from cabarete today, Kitesurfing in Cabarete is hot! These
      guys at the World Cup are amazing on land or on water launching jumps from
      the sand into the water and back doing everything imaginable in between.
      This experience and my visit to Maui last June have really inspired me with
      the growth potential of this sport. BTW- The locals and transplants in
      Cabarete are some of nicest people you will ever meet and the general
      windsurfing /Kitesurfing scene is about as good as it gets. I took some
      lessons from Stephan Ruther at Fly High and Surf and I learned a lot. The
      food in cabarete is also great I especially like people , food , and
      atmosphere at the Vento restaurant (Wind Restaurant).

      One observation I made is that kiteboarding is fun in many types of wind
      conditions and amazing things can be accopmplished in very light winds as
      well as big winds. However, despite all of the marketing hype in the
      magazines and everything I have read on this list no pro was able to get out
      or do much with 5-8 Knots like it was blowing yesterday. 15M foils
      (Mosquitos, XXXXLs, and 15M Naish and Wipika kites don't seem to help if you
      don't have 9 or 10 knots ( I had a very accurate meter with me) . The pros
      that were trying all types of huge kites and tricks to entertain the crowds
      on a light wind day did not really get out. The water was fairly flat, the
      wind was onshore but that's the way the pros seem to like it.

      Go to Cabarete and Kitesurf you will love it.