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12019Re: [ksurf] Re: 4-line bar - REALLY long lines

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  • Stephen McCormack
    Apr 3, 2000
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      Hi Eric

      One of the things that can drastically affect the performance and
      responsiveness of you kite is line drag, going to 200 feet will double the
      drag. Also when you fly your kite out of the wind window on 200' lines you
      will fly it out further and it will be harder to relaunch and will take more
      You can keep your kite powered up for as long as you like if you focus on
      flying it just back from the edge of the wind window and remember that as
      you move forward so does your wind window.
      One mistake I see many beginners make is to point the board very high upwind
      before getting planing, generating a lot of pull on the kite so that they
      fly it out of the window and it crashes. Save your money IMO, put it towards
      another size kite, probably bigger by the sounds of it, cya and
      Steve McCormack

      > As a beginner, I'm having trouble working hard to keep the kite in
      > the power zone while trying to balance on my board. Why not double
      > the length of the lines from 100 ft. to 200 ft.? Without getting too
      > technical - wouldn't this double the amount of time the kite stays
      > powered up? If I have enough beach and I'm willing to wrap up all
      > the extra line afterwards, why not? The only downside I can see
      > would be a little extra drag, but it looks worth it. Somebody please
      > shoot holes in this before I go spending $$$.
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