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12018Re: [ksurf] Re: 4-line bar

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  • Stephen McCormack
    Apr 3 3:33 PM
      Hi Greg and Saul

      > Handles are the ultimate in control in marginal conditions. Nothing,
      > some of the hybrid bars (Advance or Windtools) will match the
      > responsiveness of handles. In fully powered up conditions you really only
      > need the responsiveness to avert near certain kite crashes.

      Handles give a flyer the most feedback in all conditions. Bars limit
      respoiveness but increase leverage, so they "feel" very different, hence the
      2 fan clubs!! :-))
      Not really true once you have become accustomed to the power much less input
      is needed when powered up, basically the kite is parked slightly sine waving

      > If you're powered up control is more than adequate with a bar. Landing is
      > just as easy with a 3 or 4-line bar. Launching can be more difficult
      > because you can't brake a tip if the kite tries to surge and roll over. A
      > bar probably insulates the kite from some extreme pilot movement. Handle
      > movements can be quite subtle whereas you can fling the bar about with a
      > bit more gusto, which is fun.

      Control with a bar is more than adequate in all conditions IMO :-) but I am
      addicted to handles!

      > A bar is easier for line management. You can figure-8 wrap the lines
      > a bar much faster than wrapping around handles. Also easier to unwind the
      > lines as the figure-8 wrap does not put twist into the lines which makes
      > line-overs a little more difficult to undo. If you do twist the lines it's
      > easier to spin the bar to unwrap them. Handles are more likely to hook up
      > on or pass through each other. It's also good to just grab the end of your
      > foil and roll the kite around a bar.

      Line managemant is a matter of following procedures that work, I guarantee I
      can wind up my lines onto my handles and unwind again with no twists or
      tangles as quick as anyone with a bar. There is no need to figure 8 on a bar
      if you always hold the same one end of your bar when wrapping and
      And I always wrap my line to about 2 M from the knots at the kite end and
      then fold one end of my foil in and wrap the whole lot up like it was fish
      and chips.

      > It's much easier to hang on to one bar with two hands rather than two
      > handles with one hand each.

      Is it? I think this is a very subjective thing and is one of the main
      differences that people can identify easily. When I fly using handles and a
      Peter Lynn backstrap I actually have 2 hands free at all times to assist
      getting my board sorted etc. I fly the kite with my shoulders only.

      > You should have a safety leash with a bar. It's not so necessary with
      > handles because your hands are on the brakes all the time.

      Safety leashes should be used on all kites, especially when beggining, they
      are very easy to make yourself. Hope this helps cya and
      Steve McCormack
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