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12010[ksurf] Re: 4-line bar

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  • Saul Davies
    Apr 3, 2000
      > If you're powered up control is more than adequate with a bar.
      Landing is
      > just as easy with a 3 or 4-line bar. Launching can be more difficult
      > because you can't brake a tip if the kite tries to surge and roll
      over. A
      > bar probably insulates the kite from some extreme pilot movement.
      > movements can be quite subtle whereas you can fling the bar about
      with a
      > bit more gusto, which is fun.
      > A bar is easier for line management. You can figure-8 wrap the
      > a bar much faster than wrapping around handles. Also easier to
      unwind the
      > lines as the figure-8 wrap does not put twist into the lines which
      > line-overs a little more difficult to undo. If you do twist the
      lines it's
      > easier to spin the bar to unwrap them. Handles are more likely to
      hook up
      > on or pass through each other. It's also good to just grab the end
      of your
      > foil and roll the kite around a bar.
      > It's much easier to hang on to one bar with two hands rather than
      > handles with one hand each.
      > You should have a safety leash with a bar. It's not so necessary
      > handles because your hands are on the brakes all the time.
      thanks greg (and everyone else)

      this is exactly the kind of info I wanted - not '20 reasons why
      handles are great!' - if you read my original post you'd see I've
      using handles for 2 years (and as I'm a student that's a lot of
      flying!) and know all about them!



      PS - sorry about posting the first message twice!
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