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11985[ksurf] More on Apparent Wind

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  • Jeff Quick
    Mar 31, 2000
      The Positive on Apparent Wind: It can be used on light wind days to
      pull riders around in wind that seems a bit too light.

      The Negative on apparent wind: The higher the apparent wind on the
      kite, the less upwind the rider will go. The rider will be referencing
      the objects around him or her, but the kite will be referencing the
      wind it is flying through. The more apparent wind, the more the kite
      backs up from the perspective of the rider. To the kite, it is still
      on the edge of the window.

      Since a rider's cruising speed is roughly hard set (lets say 15-25 MPH
      under a slight railing load, not flat), the closer the wind is to this
      speed, the higher upwind the rider can potentially go because the
      apparent wind will be less and less. And it is even better if the wind
      is faster than this cruising speed...of course this is up to a point.
      When the wind is too high, the kite is all over the place, as well as
      the annoying chop. And chop doesn't contribute to upwind ability in my
      opinion. Nor does being overpowered.

      So a general idea is:

      -The stronger the wind (with a smaller kite of course) the more upwind
      the rider can theoretically go.

      -The lighter the wind, the less upwind the rider can theoretically go.

      Sounds pretty elementary and simple, but is a real concept for riders
      with larger kites who have to ride in light wind...the upwind potential
      isn't as great.

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