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1165[ksurf] Re: Help me please!!!

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  • Debra Smith and Paul Watson
    Jan 13, 1999

      Thank you for the feed back on your efforts with reel-in quad lines. I have
      a few questions regarding your experiment:
      1. How did you modify your Kiteski bar? Were you using a minimally modified
      straight bar? If so, where did you place the exit points for the respective
      lines? (e.g. Did you have the brakes outboard of the main lines?)
      3.You mentioned trimming capability. Did your set-up allow any pitch
      control. I am imagining that your straight Kiteski bar (if you used it
      without major modification) would not allow overall pitch variation (in any
      manner that I can imagine!)
      2. Did you have any/much trouble with differential wind-in? The brake lines
      would be particularly sensitive to this problem, I imagine.

      The reason for my interest in reel-in quadlines is that I think that this
      system can potentially offer benefits for some kinds of kite which can
      dramatically improve their relaunch capability. It sounds like your kite is
      well optimised for dual line flight (simplicity is always a virtue, I
      agree!) and the addition of brake lines would have all of the benefits of a
      third wheel (I am a motorcyclist!). The sort of kite that such a system
      would improve is the hybrid style of kite (such as the C-Quad) invented by
      Peter Lynn and optimised for quad flight. The "Smartbar" that Lynn offers
      allows the significant separation of pitch from roll/yaw bar movement (it is
      not a straight bar). This allows reverse relaunching, inflight "depowering"
      and useful pitch control (not to mention rapid turning). To my mind, the
      addition of a practical winch system to such a bar would complete the
      picture for this kind of kite.

      Smooth Winds,

      Paul Watson

      Cory's Original Message:

      >I've been flying my modified Kiteski control bar as a 4 liner, this winter,
      >but I don't see the big advantage for 4 line kites for the water
      >application. It seems any benefit from improved maneuverability or
      >is negated by the complexity and added drag of the extra lines.

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