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1163[ksurf] Re: Help me please!!!

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  • Cory Roeseler
    Jan 13 1:36 PM

      I've been flying my modified Kiteski control bar as a 4 liner, this winter,
      but I don't see the big advantage for 4 line kites for the water
      application. It seems any benefit from improved maneuverability or trimming
      is negated by the complexity and added drag of the extra lines.


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      From: Debra Smith and Paul Watson <algen@...>
      To: kitesurf@egroups.com <kitesurf@egroups.com>
      Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 6:42 PM
      Subject: [ksurf] Re: Help me please!!!

      >Eric Steinbroner wrote,
      >>I'd like to see more kites built that can "float" in the water, and
      >>relaunched after reeling in.
      >Perhaps this is not a bad point. Although (so far) unapproachable as an
      >'automatic' re-launch kite, the Wipika is not infallible. I have seen
      >Wipikas flown by experienced kite flyers (and ksurfers) crash and drown in
      >surf (not able to be presented to the wind for re-launch) - even in
      >sufficiently strong wind. I had tended to think of reel-in relaunch
      >as something of a clumsy anacronism untill this point (Perhaps this is
      >because I have not been fortunate enough to have tried a system such as the
      >Kiteski one!). However, I presently think that they will find their place
      >the race to make ksurfing systems more userfriendly, consistent and
      > The further development of the sport of ksurf will depend upon
      >even more consistency into our kite systems. I'm am inclined to think that
      >sport cannot evolve around a single product (i.e. the Wipika). No matter
      >good the product is (and the Wipika is superb - let there be no mistake
      >about this point!!), its limitations in crucial areas will not satisfy the
      >kitesurfing imagination.
      > Speaking of the kitesurfing imagination, has anyone heard of any
      >successful attempts to make a quadline reel-in system ( I can imagine many
      >of the problems with such a proposed system)? I have seen pictures of what
      >seem to be winders on individual quad handles - made by the irrepressible
      >Peter Lynn (Did they work? What were the problems involved? - I wonder...).
      >Could a reel in system be made to work with a Smartbar set-up? I'd love to
      >see a practical cure (apart from pilot skill - which is fallible!) for the
      >dreaded 'flat landing' which affects the otherwise cheap, extremely
      >efficient (beats parafoils by a considersble margin!!!), and powerful
      >style of kite - i.e. the Peter Lynn C-Quad.
      >Smooth winds to all,
      >Paul Watson
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