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1140[ksurf] Re: Help me please!!!

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  • Debra Smith and Paul Watson
    Jan 12, 1999
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      Eric Steinbroner wrote,
      >I'd like to see more kites built that can "float" in the water, and
      >relaunched after reeling in.

      Perhaps this is not a bad point. Although (so far) unapproachable as an
      'automatic' re-launch kite, the Wipika is not infallible. I have seen
      Wipikas flown by experienced kite flyers (and ksurfers) crash and drown in
      surf (not able to be presented to the wind for re-launch) - even in
      sufficiently strong wind. I had tended to think of reel-in relaunch systems
      as something of a clumsy anacronism untill this point (Perhaps this is
      because I have not been fortunate enough to have tried a system such as the
      Kiteski one!). However, I presently think that they will find their place in
      the race to make ksurfing systems more userfriendly, consistent and
      The further development of the sport of ksurf will depend upon designing
      even more consistency into our kite systems. I'm am inclined to think that a
      sport cannot evolve around a single product (i.e. the Wipika). No matter how
      good the product is (and the Wipika is superb - let there be no mistake
      about this point!!), its limitations in crucial areas will not satisfy the
      kitesurfing imagination.
      Speaking of the kitesurfing imagination, has anyone heard of any
      successful attempts to make a quadline reel-in system ( I can imagine many
      of the problems with such a proposed system)? I have seen pictures of what
      seem to be winders on individual quad handles - made by the irrepressible
      Peter Lynn (Did they work? What were the problems involved? - I wonder...).
      Could a reel in system be made to work with a Smartbar set-up? I'd love to
      see a practical cure (apart from pilot skill - which is fallible!) for the
      dreaded 'flat landing' which affects the otherwise cheap, extremely
      efficient (beats parafoils by a considersble margin!!!), and powerful hybrid
      style of kite - i.e. the Peter Lynn C-Quad.

      Smooth winds to all,
      Paul Watson

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