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  • alex gillan
    Jan 12 5:37 PM
      Hey Good point.

      I've knocked a few people off the beach when I come in to powered up


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      From: Eric Steinbroner <Eric.Steinbroner@...>
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      Date: Wednesday, 13 January 1999 10:07
      Subject: [ksurf] Re: Help me please!!!

      Raphaƫl said:

      "However I have a few Wipika, they were the only kite up to now to allow a
      high ratio of successfull water relaunch. As long as the wind is strong
      enough, theyr are extremely easy. I could almost say a little bit to easy

      Actually, the Kiteski kite with the control bar allows for relaunching as
      well. In my opinion, a system like the Kiteski system is much better than a
      kite that is always powered up or pops off of the water. Here are my

      1) You can launch virtually anywhere. Where I go, about 200 windsurfers
      and I walk down a concrete ramp and hop in the water. There are literally
      thirty people all around me (in front, in back, to the sides). I lift the
      kite out of the water, shake the water off, then let the lines out above my
      head. I have the kite tuned so that it stays above my head without falling.
      When I'm ready to go, I put the kite in the power zone and go.

      2) You can de power whenever you need to by dropping the kite in the water.
      As it drops in the water, it lays flat on the water, therefore no power.
      This is especially nice when coming back in. As I head to the launch ramp I
      look for about 30 Meters of area below me. As the kite hits the water I
      start to reel in the line. It takes about 2 minutes. No need to go chase a
      kite along the beach.

      There are some downsides with the Kiteski kite. The biggest one is that the
      front spar is carbon and can hurt someone. I believe that the danger is
      very small, and is smaller than the danger of runaway soft kites with the
      lines possibly hurting someone. The other downside comes from landing the
      kite in the surf.... potentially the spars can break. For me this is not an

      I'd like to see more kites built that can "float" in the water, and
      relaunched after reeling in.


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